Help with technical problems:


 Rooms with Icon  require a password to enter. 

 Only users registered can Create, Moderate, and enter VIP rooms. 

 THE use of membership by non-primary user is not allowed, the account will be deactivated without notice. 

 ChatVideo not moderate all the time and relies on users to moderate themselves created rooms. 

 The rooms created by users, not containing moderator, will be deleted by the administrator without notice. 

 Users Postings / Requesting MSN in public will be banned from the room and / or the Chat without notice. 

 The rooms created by users and they are not Moderator, will be deleted by Administrators. 

 Reasons to be Ordered and / or Locked: MSN-Yahoo addresses etc, Insults, Racism, Advertising of other Chat. 

 Child pornography is Reported to local authorities according to the IP and location of the offending user. 

 This site is for adults, all messages, IP address and time of connection are registered in the system. 

Common Problems:

I have webcam but no one can see me. 
- If you are using Instant Messengers like Yahoo Messenger, Skype or other webcam chat program, then Chatvideo not getting access to your webcam, try to close these programs before entering

I can not see anyone. 
-Close the page and try again, verify that your connection is not being used by other programs. 

As audio delivery? 
-Click the Microphone button followed by the button to activate webcam. 

The video looks slow and fuzzy. 
- was developed for users with broadband (DSL, Cable) Check if there are other programs running that are using your connection as YouTube, Vimeo and Skype etc. 

There are people who harass me. 
- To ignore another user Click beam (ignore) next to the nick in the writer's text in chat, when you ignore someone, that person will not be able to send messages or see images from your webcam. 

My webcam does not work in videochat. 
- Right Click, select Settings, then find the webcam icon webcam selected in the list. 

If you have a question that is not explained on this page, please contact us